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The Maltings
Ure Bank Top
North Yorkshire
Tel: 01765 608873
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Making your house a home.
QuickStep Laminate flooring guarantees you the most gorgeous floor you could ever wish for. Low maintenance, comfortable, warm, able to take a knock and very natural. Quite simply, Quick Step flooring gives you years of pure pleasure.
QuickStep Laminate Flooring is the Natural Choice.
True to Nature.
All QuickStep laminate flooring is carefully designed to mirror nature. Realistic designs, and varied wood and stone motifs you can see. Subtle surface structures you can feel.
Democracy of Choice.
Quick Step has the right flooring for every interior. Planks and tiles. Wide and small planks. Modern and traditional. QuickStep laminate flooring looks good anywhere.
Years of Pleasure.
QuickStep laminate flooring is highly durable and wear-resistant. A Floor of enduring beauty guaranteed!
Laid-Back Installation.
In a click, without glue, thanks to the still unrivalled patented Uniclic system.
Perfect Finish.
The complete range of QuickStep flooring accessories includes everything you could ever need to finish every detail of your flooring.
Immaculate Maintenance.
The QuickStep flooring maintenance products zip through dirt, leaving you with beautiful flooring to admire and more time to do something more exciting.
Premium Quality.
You can always trust QuickStep laminate flooring. A stringently tested and carefully developed range of superior products that comply with the criteria that exceed all established quality standards.
Quick Step Classic Range.
Quick-Step Classic Range. QSM 031 Bleached White Teak £12.59 m2
Please click now to view more details. QSM 032 Bleached White Oak £12.59 m2
  QSM 033 Natural Varnished Oak £12.59 m2
  QSM 034 Light Grey Oiled Oak £12.59 m2
  QSM 035 Brown Oiled Oak £12.59 m2
  QSM 036 Dark Grey Oiled Oak £12.59 m2
  QSM037 Old Oak Naturel £12.59 m2
  QSM038 Old Oak Grey £12.59 m2
  QSM039 Old Oak Dark £12.59 m2
  QSM040 Old Oak Light Grey £12.59 m2
  QSM057 Midnight Oak Natural £12.59 m2
  QSM058 Midnight Oak Brown £12.59 m2
  QST004 Enhanced Cherry £12.59 m2
  QST008 Planked Oak £12.59 m2
  QST013 Enhanced Oak Natural Varnished  £12.59 m2
  QST015 Enhanced Beech  £12.59 m2
  QST016 Enhanced Maple  £12.59 m2
  QST017 Enhanced Merbau  £12.59 m2
  QST025 Light Birch 3 Plank  £12.59 m2
  QST027 Panga Double Plank  £12.59 m2
  QST 028 Enhanced Vintage Oak White £12.59 m2
  QST 029Enhanced Vintage Oak Natural £12.59 m2
  QST 030Enhanced Vintage Oak Dark £12.59 m2
  QST041 Nordic Pine £12.59 m2
  QST056 White Ash £12.59 m2
Quick Step 800 Eligna Range.
Quick Step 800 Eligna Range.  U312 Old Oak Matt Oiled Planks   £15.59 m2
Please click now to view more details.  U860 Harvest Oak £15.59 m2
   U861 Antique Oak £15.59 m2
   U862 Natural Varnished Maple £15.59 m2
   U864 Natural Varnished Cherry £15.59 m2
   U865 Dark Varnished Cherry £15.59 m2
   U866 Varnished Beech £15.59 m2
   U896 Natural Varnished Oak £15.59 m2
   U915 White Varnished Oak £15.59 m2
   U918 Dark Varnished Oak Planks £15.59 m2
   U995 Vintage Oak Natural Varnished Planks £15.59 m2
   U996 Merbau Planks £15.59 m2
   U1000 Wenge Planks £15.59 m2
   U1001 Vintage Oak Dark Varnished Planks £15.59 m2
   U1043 Oiled Walnut Planks £15.59 m2
   U1157 Homage Oak Natural Oiled Planks £15.59 m2
   U1163 Grey Brushed Teak Planks £15.59 m2
   U1235 White Brushed Pine Planks £15.59 m2
   U1300 Wengé Passionata £15.59 m2
   U1301 Oak Passionata £15.59 m2
   U1302 Zebrano Passionata £15.59 m2
   U1384 Natural Heritage Oak Planks £15.59 m2
   U1385 Dark Heritage Oak Planks £15.59 m2
   U1386 Heritage Oak Passionata Planks £15.59 m2
QuickStep Elite.
QuickStep Elite.UE1303 Worn Light Oak Planks £17.99 m2
Please click now to view more details.UE1304 Light Grey Varnished Oak Planks £17.99 m2
 UE1305 Dark Grey Varnished Oak Planks £17.99 m2
 UE1306 Black Varnished Oak Planks £17.99 m2
 UE1387 Old Oak Natural Planks £17.99 m2
 UE1388 Old Oak Grey Planks £17.99 m2
 UE1389 Old Oak Dark Planks £17.99 m2
 UE1406 Old Oak Light Grey Planks £17.99 m2
 UE1491 White Oak Light £17.99 m2
 UE1492 White Oak Medium £17.99 m2
 UE1493 Old White Oak Natural £17.99 m2
 UE1496 Old White Oak Dark £17.99 m2
Quick Step Perspective 4 950 Range.
Quick Step Perspective 4 950 Range.  UF 312 Old Oak Matt Oiled Planks £21.59 m2
Please click now to view more details.  UF860 Harvest Oak £21.59 m2
   UF861 Antique Oak £21.59 m2
   UF862 Natural Varnished Maple £21.59 m2
   UF864 Natural Varnished Cherry £21.59 m2
   UF865 Dark Varnished Cherry £21.59 m2
   UF866 Varnished Beech £21.59 m2
   UF896 Natural Varnished Oak £21.59 m2
   UF915 White Varnished Oak £21.59 m2
   UF918 Dark Varnished Oak £21.59 m2
   UF995 Vintage Oak Natural Varnished Planks £21.59 m2
   UF996 Merbau Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1000 Wenge Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1001 Vintage Oak Dark Varnished Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1043 Oiled Walnut Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1157 Homage Oak Natural Oiled Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1163 Grey Brushed Teak Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1235 White Brushed Pine Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1300 Wengé Passionata £21.59 m2
   UF1301 Oak Passionata £21.59 m2
   UF1302 Zebrano Passionata £21.59 m2
   UF1384 Natural Heritage Oak Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1385 Dark Heritage Oak Planks £21.59 m2
   UF1386 Heritage Oak Passionata planks £21.59 m2
QuickStep Largo.
QuickStep Largo.  LPU 1283 White Varnishes Oak Planks £22.79 m2
Please click now to view more details.  LPU 1284 Natural Varnished Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU 1285 White Vintage Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU 1286 Grey Vintage Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU 1287 Dark Vintage Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU 1288 Natural Varnished Merbau Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU 1289 Natural Oiled Wenge Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU 1396 Authentic Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU1397 Natural Rustic Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU1398 Old Rustic Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU1399 Grey Rustic Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU1505 Authentic Oak Planks £22.79 m2
   LPU1507 Pacific Oak Planks £22.79 m2
QuickStep Rustic.
QuickStep Rustic.RIC1414 American Cherry £19.19 m2
Please click now to view more details.RIC1415 Pacific Walnut £19.19 m2
 RIC1416 Exotic Maple £19.19 m2
 RIC1427 Coffee Bean Hickory £19.19 m2
 RIC1429 White Oak Brown £19.19 m2
 RIC1430 White Oak Dark £19.19 m2
 RIC1497 White Oak Light £19.19 m2
 RIC1498 White Oak Natural £19.19 m2
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